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You cook a great meal, set a beautiful table, but struggle with the most important item used in your kitchen: THE KNIFE.


Having them professionally sharpened on a regular basis makes your work easier, more efficient, and extends the life of the knife. It’s also a lot safer using a sharp knife vs. a dull knife. When sharp, the knife does all the work, when dull, you do all the work subjecting yourself to possible wounds and cuts. A sharp knife is less prone to slip on food and it will make your culinary experience more enjoyable!


Wash and dry by hand. Dishwashers expose the blades and handles to harsh detergents and they can also bang around in the dishwasher damaging the razor edge.


Store knives in a block, roll or magnetic knife bar if possible.

If this cannot be done, keep them separate from other

utensils in the drawer that can damage their sharp edges.


Always use a wood or polyethylene cutting board.

These materials create less resistance to the

blades edge than boards made from ceramic

or plastic. Wood is still #1.


I use a slow wheel water cooled stone to

sharpen your knives,  it’s safe efficient

and will not take away the tempering

that the knife has which is what keeps

the steel hard  and the edge hard.

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