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Not only is Ike a professional and very friendly, but he is hilarious too!

My knives are so so sharp now which is amazing because I love to

cook. Thanks Ike for the amazing job and quick turnaround!


Lauren M., San Juan Capistrano CA

I found Ike's website on Google and sent him my knives. His turn

around time is incredibly quick and my knives are sharper than the

day I bought them. I will definetly use him again in the future.


Alex J., Laguna Beach CA

Ike did a great job sharpening my knives and the turnaround time was exceptional! My knives are as sharp as the day I bought them. I'm

also glad that he included band aids, I did need them! Great

valueand great service!!


Kelly K., Newport Beach, CA

Finally I found a service that actually does what it says it will do. Ike's Knife Sharpening not only sharpened all of my knives, but did it in a timely manner. I was shocked about how I struggled to cut foods with my unsharpened knives. After Ike did his magic, I love to cook again

using what feels like brand new knives. I am telling all of my

friends about Ike's Knife Sharpening. Great job.


Larry K., Pompano Beach FL

Ike did a wonderful job on our knives my only complaint is that now I

have a hard time using regular knives that aren't razor sharp like the

ones that Ike sharpened. Great guy and great service

definitely recommended.


Rabbi M., Mission Viejo CA

Even new my knives never sliced a tomato, an orange or salmon

for sushi the way they did after they were sharpened

by Ike. Thanks for a great service.


Mary Jean C.,  Palm Springs CA

Just found Ike through a friend and he sharpened my good set

of Henkels- wow they're like new and readyto carve

my turkey.


Barb M. Laguna Niguel CA

What a convenient and affordable service!! I thought I was going to have to buy a new set of knives, when a friend mentioned Ike and his

speedy knife sharpening service! My knives are so sharp and

ready for use during this busy holiday season. 


Liz N.,  Rancho Santa Margarita CA

WOW!! I could not believe the way my knives and scissors came back to me. I do everything with such ease now, it is incredible.

Thanks, Ike - I will tell all my friends about you and what

a delight it is to deal with you!


Harriet Louise S. Laguna Woods CA

We recently had a bunch of knives sharpened by Ike and he did a

fantastic job. He had our knives back to us quickly plus he

included information on how to take care of our cutlery.

And his price was great, too!!! I highly recommend

Ike for your sharpening needs. 


Bruce B.,  Dana Point CA

Ike did a fantastic job and send me away with a band aid just in case! Haha! My knives are very sharp! Ike was efficient, affordable and

friendly. His business is out of his garage which I was a little

cautious about (as a female) but I never felt uncomfortable in

any way. Very professional. I highly recommend him!


Justis C., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

Not wanting to wait a week to have my knives returned nor pay $15/knife I did an internet search and found Ike's. He returned my call promptly and we arranged for a day and time to bring my knives to him. When I picked

them up the next day, I was pleased at the great job he did and

that he will send me an email reminder to schedule my next

sharpening in a year. I cook a lot so having properly sharpened 

knives is important. Ike has a pleasant personality and I'd

recommend him/his service with 5 Stars! 


Jacque I., Mission Viejo CA

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